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Luxury Wholesale Towels and Linens – Investing in Quality

The superior design appeal of luxury textiles

The appeal of a luxury towel is the main quality when designing and manufacturing wholesale towels and linens. When we see elegantly designed luxury textiles, we try to envision how appealing our homes will be when decorated with them. While designing our Aston & Arden collection of luxury wholesale towels and linens, carried exclusively by Arkwright Home, we kept this in mind and invested significant time researching colors and design trends. Our talented design and marketing team deserves tremendous recognition for putting together the right mix of design elements.


A key parameter of luxury is comfort. After spending a hard day at work, most people want to take a hot shower before climbing into bed for a restful good night’s sleep. Towels and bed linens are amongst a person’s most intimate possessions. Therefore, post-shower, one would want to dry off with a plush, highly-absorbent towel that will leave no lint or water on their body. It stands to reason that they naturally want a restful sleep enveloped in luxury sheets made with superior-quality bedding fabrics. The quality of one’s towels and bed linens can enhance sleep and performance throughout the day.

Farmers harvesting cotton for yarn

Egyptian vs. Pima vs. Aegean cotton

While Pima and Egyptian cotton are known to be incredibly absorbent luxury forms of cotton, they are also known for holding higher levels of moisture. When moisture stays in a fabric, it can develop a stale and musty smell. Aegean cotton is different in that it’s very absorbent but still dries quickly. Aegean cotton towels dry three times faster than other luxury towels. We weighed the pros and cons of the popular types of luxury cotton and decide that Aegean cotton was the best choice for its numerous benefits over the others.

Why luxury towels are better

Our luxury towels are made from superior cotton grown in the Aegean coastal region of Turkey. This region is famous for growing long-staple cotton that produces soft, smooth, strong yarn. The Aegean region is renowned for using minimal pesticides and harmful chemicals to grow cotton. We proudly make our wholesale towels in factories in Denizli, which maintain the highest production and human resource standards. Bath towels made with Aegean Cotton are softer, more durable, and last longer than towels made with inferior cotton. Aegean cotton towels dry quickly, which inhibits bacteria growth and keeps them smelling fresh longer than regular cotton towels.

Why luxury bed sheets are better

All of the luxury sheet sets we’ve developed feature unique properties not found in run-of-the-mill cotton sheet sets. 100% eucalyptus TencelTM sheet sets have temperature-regulating properties. 100% bamboo rayon sheets have a beautiful soft sheen and luxurious feel. We use a proprietary blend of Linen and Eucalyptus TencelTM for a breathable, beautiful sheet set. Our white 600 thread-count cotton sateen sheets feature an embroidered tri-tone stripe. All of our wholesale sheet sets have unique benefits that boutique hotels crave when seeking to stand out from the competition. Manufactured blended textiles are well-known for having the thinnest spun yarn and, therefore, a softer hand feel, as well as superior strength that ensures the fabric’s longevity.

Benefits to health and wellness

To purchase luxury towels and sheets is to make an investment in your general well-being. A restful night’s sleep invigorates your metabolism and refreshes you mentally. Manufactured plant fiber blends, like eucalyptus and bamboo, are naturally hypoallergenic and many have cooling and wicking properties so your skin stays clean and dry in bed, keeping it healthy and your entire body comfortable.

Sustainability, environmental factors & CSR

As a conscientious consumer, you probably are curious about the factories we work with. All of the manufacturing facilities that we use have passed numerous certification processes by international bodies like Made in Green by Oekotex, Sedex, Global Recycled Standard, etc. We assure you that all our luxury textiles are made in ethical facilities where the health and well-being of their employees are of the utmost importance. Our factories pay close attention to the conservation of the planet and make every effort to improve production processes wherever possible. You can rest assured, on our superior bed sheets, knowing that Monarch Brands values align with yours.


We had an important goal when we developed the Aston & Arden line of luxury textiles—to compete with premium brands without the massive overhead and licensing fees that artificially inflate the cost of bringing new products to market. As the designer and the manufacturer, we can save money that other companies can’t and pass the savings on to the consumer.

An educated consumer knows that luxury products are an investment in well-being and a form of self-care. Educated consumers also know quality and fair pricing when they see it. We made this collection for savvy consumers who appreciate fine luxury home textiles and know that investments in luxury products outlast and outperform their inferior counterparts, thus saving money and increasing quality of life over time.

The Aston & Arden Collection of luxury textiles is carried exclusively by Arkwright Home.

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