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Which Microfiber Mop is Right for the Task?

A Multitude of Microfiber Mops

There is quite a large variety of microfiber mops on the market. Choosing the right mop for your cleaning project isn’t easy without a little advice. Don’t get hung up on mops when buying your wholesale janitorial supplies. Here is an overview of the benefits of purchasing microfiber mops from Monarch Brands.

The most important benefit of using microfiber is its exceptional cleaning power. Microfiber mops are more effective at germ removal than traditional wet mops. Its unusual spliced yarn construction behaves like hundreds of tiny magnetic hooks that attract and grab dust, dirt, and grime. Microfiber can reduce bacteria on floors by 99%, while conventional tools, like cotton string mops, only reduce bacteria by 30%. Microfiber mop pads clean well with just water and prevent your floors from getting too wet, which can cause streaks. For a full list of the benefits of using microfiber mops, read on.

Why Choose Microfiber Mops over Cotton?

  • Microfiber’s Unique Cleaning Power: Microfiber is known for its construction which has spliced yarn with microscopic “hooks” that clean more effectively than traditional cotton mops. Microfiber reaches deeply into spaces and tight corners where cotton mops can’t reach.
  • Conserve Water and Reduce the Need for Cleaning Solutions: Microfiber mops use approximately 10-20% less liquid than standard cotton mops, thus reducing cleaning solution costs. Some tasks, like dry-mopping, are more efficient with microfiber mops, while others may unexpectedly require the need for light liquid applications.
  • Productivity Increases: A janitorial professional may dip and wring a traditional mop 50 times a day or more, depending on the space. Microfiber mops eliminate that energy and time-consuming action. Changing liquid solutions between tasks is not necessary as long as your microfiber mop head isn’t dipped back into the cleaning solution.
  • Eliminate Cross-Contamination: Microfiber mops have been cited as an excellent tool for eliminating cross-contamination in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. State laws in some parts of the country require that maintenance staff switch mops and/or cleaning solutions between rooms. It is easier for the facility to comply with these requirements when using economical microfiber flat mops.
  • Injury Reduction: Conventional cotton loop mops weigh significantly more than microfiber mops, especially when wet. Microfiber mops are lighter, more ergonomic, and easier to use.

Get to Know the Benefits of Specific Microfiber Mops

Monarch Brands has a wide selection of mops with specific uses to suit your needs. Take a look at this overview of our professional mop collection.

Microfiber Mops: The Flat Mop

Flat Wet Mop

Microfiber flat wet mops simply must be included in your janitorial supplies because they are the perfect tools for hard surface dirt removal prior to polishing. These wholesale microfiber mops can help reduce fatigue because they require fewer trips to change the water or cleaning solution. And, since microfiber is so effective at picking up dust and dirt, fewer cleaning chemicals are required to achieve the same results.

Scrubbing Wet Flat Mop

Scrubbing wet flat mops are designed to handle heavy grime. These mops feature polypropylene ridges that practically glide over the surface while cleaning and removing dirt at the same time. Monarch Brands’ wholesale microfiber mops are designed to provide a lot of durability and utility, with double-stitched edges and high-quality materials. The scrubbing wet flat mop is available in three colors and sizes: 13″, 18″, and 24″.

Horizontal Stripe Scrubbing Mop

This 18″ horizontal stripe scrubbing mop is made from industrial-strength materials and is larger than standard scrubbing mops with a 6″ wide backing. The stitched edges and polypropylene ridges mean this mop can clean more completely than other traditional models. Wash and reuse this sturdy mop pad up to 500 times.

Microfiber Mops: Side Pocket Mops

Finger Loop Side Pocket Mops

These side pocket mops feature microfiber “finger loops” that can attract and trap more dirt than a traditional mop. These janitorial supplies are also more absorbent than other brands because they feature an industrial-strength canvas backing and matching hardware (sold separately).

The 18” side pocket mop is compatible with all major brand name frames, and our selection includes several different colors to support a color-coded cleaning system and prevent cross-contamination.

Mesh Backed Side Pocket Mop

These mesh-backed side pocket mops provide a snug fit on a range of popular pocket mop frames. The mesh construction dries quicker than traditional canvas pocket mops so they can be ready to get back into service as quickly as possible.

The 18″ mop fits existing pocket mop frames and is a great choice for efficient cleaning.

  • Microfiber “finger loops” have the ability to trap more dirt than standard mops.
  • The mesh backing is made with some elasticity for a stretched, snug fit so your staff can focus on the dirt, not the mop pad!
  • Several colors are available to use with color-coded systems to avoid cross-contamination.

Microfiber Tube Mop

Wholesale microfiber tube mops can typically clean more surface area before they need to be laundered and are more ergonomic than cotton equivalents. This makes them an ideal choice for wet floor cleaning in many facilities since they are durable and effective.

However, they are best used in non-environmental service-driven applications because there is a trade-off for efficiency. These mops tend to need more cleaning solution and generally eliminate fewer bacteria than flat microfiber mops.

Tube mops feature a double-sewn headband to keep the loops together, ribbed tube construction to absorb more liquid, and 80/20 microfiber construction. They should be machine-washed to ensure that they are properly cleaned for the next job.

Microfiber Mops: Dry Mopping

Fringed Dust Mops with Canvas Backing

Canvas-backed microfiber dust mops use keyhole metal frames for a more sturdy bond to mop handles. Our 100% microfiber consists of 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide. This blend accumulates and retains dust and dirt mechanically and electrostatically for excellent results. A microfiber yarn’s cross-section has a ‘cracked’ star pattern, which collects more dirt particles than natural smooth fibers. During the splitting process, a positive electric ‘static’ charge generates within the fiber. This charge pulls dirt to the microfiber and keeps it within the cracked yarns.

Fringed Dust Mops with Hook-and-Loop Backing

Our hook-and-loop Microfiber fringed dust mops can be used with our regular microfiber flat mop frames to help streamline your janitorial department. Dual pile, 100% microfiber (80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide) accumulates and retains dust and dirt mechanically and electrostatically for excellent dusting results. A microfiber yarn’s cross-section reveals a ‘cracked’ star pattern, which collects more dirt particles than natural fibers. During the splitting process, a positive electric ‘static’ charge generates within the fiber. This charge pulls dirt to the microfiber and keeps it within the cracked yarns.

Premium Wet/Dry Loop Mop with Hook and Loop Backing

These premium loop mops are usable wet and dry, and they deliver the results your clients need to see. They can soak up more water than flat mops when they’re used wet, and they can trap as much dirt as our dusting mops when used dry.

Microfiber Mops: On-The-Go Mops

SmartPads Microfiber Mop Pad Dispenser Box

Each SmartPads® dispenser box contains 30 18” microfiber mop pads with precision-cut seamless edges. SmartPads are ideal janitorial supplies for utility carts, corporate supply rooms, automotive shops, and break rooms. SmartPads are even less expensive than regular microfiber mop pads, making them ideal for high-loss environments, such as industrial and automotive shops, office environments, healthcare facilities, households, and more. Avoid cross-contamination with two colors for color-coded cleaning. 

The Takeaway

As you can see, there is a multitude of microfiber mops to choose from. When buying wholesale janitorial supplies, learn to choose the right microfiber mops carefully to avoid costly or time-consuming mistakes. For more detailed information on each mop, call David Forssell to talk through the decision-making process or peruse our website to see the full selection of microfiber mops.

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