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Proven Wholesale Kitchen Towel Ensembles Increase Sales

Offer Kitchen Towel Ensembles for Additional Sales

The popular windowpane kitchen towel ensembles from Monarch Brands are a profitable set of products to add to your distributor catalog. Terry kitchen towels and matching dishcloths come in bright white with six different color windowpane stripes to match any décor. Customers have their choice of white with eggshell, navy, burgundy, hunter green, white, or black stripes. Matching solid color square terry potholders with handy hanging loops round out the collection. This collection is perfect for high-volume institutional kitchens as it is made from tough ring spun cotton. With Airbnb, VRBO, and vacation rental properties on the rise, we’ve also seen an uptick in bulk towel orders from extended-stay property managers.

Ring Spun Cotton Wholesale Kitchen Towels

Our tough ring spun cotton terry is the ideal material for kitchen towels and textiles due to its unique properties. Ring spun cotton is extremely absorbent, which makes it great for cleaning up spills and messes in the kitchen. It is also strong and durable, meaning it can withstand repeated washings and multiple uses. Additionally, ring spun cotton is lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable to use and easy to dry. Finally, it’s softness and natural fibers make it easy on hands and gentle on delicate surfaces. All of these factors make ringspun cotton an ideal choice for kitchen towels and textiles.

Bulk Cases Save Money

These wholesale kitchen towel ensembles are available by style and color — each 12 dozen to the case. This makes them a great choice for any high-volume institutional kitchen or restaurant. For those managing vacation rentals and extended stay residences, Airbnbs, and VRBOs, kitchen towel ensembles from Monarch Brands are a natural fit. Owners can plan to keep a dozen or two on hand for guests depending on the length of their stay. With a variety of colors to match any kitchencor and extra durability, these towels can withstand high traffic. Ecommerce customers will also benefit from these kitchen towel ensembles. They have a proven track record of selling well online, so as an e-commerce offering, Monarch Brands wholesale towels for the kitchen are an excellent choice.

ECommerce Sales

ECommerce customers will also benefit from these kitchen towel ensembles. They have a proven track record of selling well online, so if you are looking for a great item to add to your website, these towels are a great choice. The range of colors makes it easy to match any kitchencor, and ring spun yarn makes them durable and absorbent.

 The Take-Away

Wholesale kitchen towel ensembles from Monarch Brands are the perfect addition to the B2B distributor‘s catalog of products. In six colors, including white, eggshell, navy, burgundy, hunter green, and black, our ring spun cotton towels, and potholders are a proven winner. Bulk kitchen ensembles are equally appealing for institutional kitchens as well as multi-unit rental properties, which seem to be multiplying exponentially in recent years. JanSan distributors can show them to any large facility with a busy kitchen or breakroom area. Customers should consider the quality and durability of these items, the classic, clean windowpane design, and the savings of buying wholesale towels in bulk

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