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Color-Coded Microfiber Mops And Cloths Are Essential For Safe And Efficient Facilities Maintenance

The rise of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) is prolific amongst the elderly, sick, and young. The New England Medical Journal reports that in healthcare facilities alone 721,000 HAIs are reported annually contributing to 75,000 mortalities. Hospitals schools, daycares, nursing homes, and even the hospitality industry are implementing microfiber cloths in a color-coded system to combat this.

What colors are used for each cleaning task?

There is no defined answer other than you designate a specific color for a particular job. When I train a group, I try and use four colors in the microfiber rags wiping system and two colors in the mopping system. I try to make it as easy as possible to remember so that after a few days after implementing the program it becomes natural. Here are the colors I recommend designating for specific tasks, but you can always change it to fit your plan.

Microfiber Cloths

  • Yellow – Dry Dusting and polishing.
  • Red – Restrooms area such as toilets and urinals, hazard areas.
  • Blue – Glass, and mirrors.
  • Green – General areas such as desks, tables, kitchens, sinks, water fountains.

Microfiber Mops

  • Red – Restrooms & hazard areas.
  • Green – Foodservice restaurants & kitchens
  • Blue – General areas such as classrooms & hallways.

How do we prevent cross-contamination?

Use a specific microfiber mop color for each room. Unlike traditional cotton mops, microfiber flat mops take up little space and can be stacked so you may use a mop for every room. Never take the mop that we just used in the restroom and bring those germs out into the general areas and hallways. Clean the bathroom, take off the mop, put it in your laundry bag, and start fresh with a new microfiber mop as we move into a new area. This will make sure whatever the germs are in a particular area are contained.

So why not just use a clean cloth or mop of the same color?

I recently implemented a color-coding system at a local university. I was explaining to the group you should never use a red towel outside of the bathroom. Somebody asked, “Why don’t you just use a clean red cloth?”

I told the team that you may be using a brand new clean red cloth to clean a water fountain in the hallway, but a person may have just seen you using a red cloth cleaning a toilet or a urinal. We don’t want the person that is observing the situation going to your supervisor complaining that you used the same cloth to clean the fountain right after you cleaned the bathroom. They have no idea you changed to a clean cloth and will assume the worst. We need to keep up the color-coding procedure to ensure our customers that we are cleaning properly.

But my team will be resistant to change…

I have done color-coding microfiber training many times, and it’s not always easy breaking the employees’ cleaning routine. I hear comments like “you don’t know what it’s like cleaning 25,000 square feet a night. We don’t have time to worry about the color towels we are using.” As I try to sympathize with the employee, I explain the potential of spreading harmful germs from one area to another. I let them know as they get used to the system, they will feel more comfortable, and it will get easier as they break the usual routine. Eventually, the team will appreciate and embrace using new microfiber cloths for each room. It is more sanitary for them too.

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Clean smarter, save lives. That should be the rallying cry of every aspect of your facilities maintenance team. As a janitorial equipment supplier, our wholesale microfiber cloths and towels are designed to make cleaning easier for everyone.

Looking for a better color-coded microfiber system?

Harness the superior cleaning power of the Monarch Brands’ color-coded microfiber to upgrade your hygiene and cleaning regimen. The SmartRags 16×16 275 GSM Microfiber Cloths offer unmatched dirt and grime lifting capabilities, allowing for an effortless and efficient cleaning experience. The dense, high-quality microfibers grasp onto particles that ordinary cloths might leave behind. When complemented with the SmartPads Microfiber Mop Dispenser Box, not only are you ensuring a thorough clean for larger surfaces but also promoting a consistent and organized approach through its color-coded system. Implementing a color-coded microfiber system reduces cross-contamination risks, ensuring different areas and surfaces have dedicated cleaning tools. With this unbeatable combination, you’re not just cleaning; you’re setting a gold standard in hygiene and order. Don’t settle for less; choose Monarch Brands for a smarter, safer, and cleaner environment.


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