Why pay more for the best bulk table linens?

With increased competition for fewer events, it’s more important than ever to have the best dinnerware and accessories in your foodservice arsenal. When buying bulk table linens, you focus on efficiency, durability, aesthetics, and practicality. Monarch Brands has recently released its own set of wholesale tablecloths, solid napkins, bistro napkins, and aprons. Mariposa Linens offer comprehensive, exceptional solutions for all customers in the tableware and food industry. But how do the Mariposa products stand out of the crowd? Let’s find out.

Color-fastness to light
This AATCCB whiteness test uses the Spectrophotometer to find out the degree of whiteness. The higher the index is, the more optically white the fabric is (measured on a 9-shade spectrum). During testing, Mariposa demonstrated outstanding colorfastness to light, .5 higher than Pinnacle or Milliken. Our napkins and tablecloths are a lot more durable, dependable, and bring tremendous efficiency and excellent quality. Besides, they don’t fade as much when compared to the other providers on the market.

Tensile strength
Tensile strength refers to the maximum tensile force applied before when the fabric breaks. It is one of the primary standards to assess the intrinsic quality of textiles. Mariposa napkins and tablecloths tensile strength warp is 249.8%, and weft is 216.9%. In layman’s terms, our napkins are more than 50 points more durable than the competition. It’s an essential aspect because it clearly shows the efficiency, high quality, and dependability you will receive when implementing a Mariposa program.

Dimensional stability to commercial laundering
The colorfastness to laundering is similar to competitors, but Monarch Brands surpasses the competition regarding the dimensional stability to commercial laundering. Thanks to minor differentials of -1.4% warp and -0.7% weft, you get a napkin that does not deform when washed commercially. There’s just a lot more dependability and quality if you make the right choice.

Stellar pricing
Even though Monarch Brands offers the best and highest quality products on the market, you get to access them at a very affordable price. The main focus of Monarch Brands is to offer a product that everyone can afford and enjoy. The quality is always second to none, and you will be incredibly impressed with the outstanding return on investment.

You will be impressed with the value, durability, and performance of our Mariposa table linens. A comparison chart (below) compiled by an independent testing lab clearly shows that our Mariposa lines perform equally if not better than our competitors… at a much lower price.


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