Essential microfiber cloth cleaning products and restaurant linens needed to re-open.

Are you ready to Re-open?

In 2020, countless restaurants temporarily closed their doors to comply with state regulations. With regulations easing in many states, the question of reopening safely is foremost. In this blog, we’ll discuss supplies needed to reopen your restaurant. Keep reading for information on everything from essential microfiber cloth cleaning supplies to must-have PPE, to the best source for your new materials.

What type of cleaning supplies should I purchase?

 What’s the first step to gathering the needed supplies to reopen your restaurant? Stop thinking about your microfiber cloth cleaning supplies as just “cleaning” supplies. The CDC highlights the distinction between cleaning and disinfecting, and this difference is crucially important when it comes to lowering the risk of spreading infection in your restaurant. The CDC has recommendations on how to best clean and disinfect a variety of items here

  • Cleaning with soap and water removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces.
  • Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces, which can lower the risk of spreading infection.

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You’ll want to purchase items that you can use to effectively disinfect and sanitize regularly without breaking the bank. SmartRags Microfiber Cloths and economy Microfiber Mops are a perfect example. Microfiber cloth has thousands of fissures in the weave pattern to catch and hold dirt. This makes them ideal for disinfecting surfaces. You can also put them in the wash after use.

SmartRags and Econo Mop group

It’s time to refresh essential restaurant items include Mariposa aprons, tablecloths, and napkins, QwickWick bar mops, and Sloppy Chef kitchen towels. If you do not outsource your laundry, wash on the warmest appropriate water setting (follow manufacturer’s instructions located on the care label of your textiles).

Mariposa Table Linen size chart

How do I keep my employees and patrons safe?

As a restaurant owner, you’re responsible for the well-being of both your employees and patrons. The health and safety protocols that you put into place will directly impact those that interact with your business.

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CDC Recommendations.

The following points are among several that the CDC endorses when reopening retail food establishments during COVID-19:

  • Have you trained and reminded employees of effective handwashing practices, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing their nose, coughing, and sneezing?
  • Are all handwashing sinks accessible, functional, and stocked with the proper supplies (soap, paper towels, hand wash sign, trash bins, etc.)?
  • Have you considered using hand sanitizers (minimum 60% alcohol) in multiple locations to encourage hand hygiene by both employees and customers to supplement handwashing?
  • You can read the complete list here.
CDC logo

Protective Equipment Essentials.

The CDC also recommends that restaurants require both staff and customers to wear masks while not eating or drinking. Personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks and face shields can be of great use to your team while you work or clean to ensure you maintain the greatest level of safety. Adding all of these items – masks, shields, hand sanitizer, etc. to your needed supplies to reopen list will help you prepare to reopen safely!

What can I do to make my job easier? 

Reopening a restaurant during a pandemic is no small feat. You’re working to accommodate new guidelines, keep patrons and employees safe, and balance all of the changes. Chances are you’ve ordered the same supplies for years…it’s not exactly convenient to have to research and order new items based on new criteria.

In fact, over the past year, numerous restaurants have turned to cheaper disposable options because they’re not quite sure how to adjust to this “new normal.” How can they find the needed supplies to reopen while following proper guidelines?

Fortunately, Monarch Brands is here to help. Our extensive, quality product line was created specifically to serve the restaurant industry. We supply everything from spun polyester napkins to microfiber products to PPE. As you’re reopening your restaurant, we have all the needed supplies to reopen.

Start the conversation by browsing our products to put a quote together.

Author: Dave O’Malley
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