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Why Did 62 Schools Switch to Microfiber SmartRags & SmartPads?

Why did 62 Public Schools Switch to Microfiber Cloths and Mop Pads?

This is how one township’s school system decided to make the switch to microfiber cleaning when they were presented with innovative SmartRags and SmartPads disposable/reusable microfiber cleaning textiles for a refreshing change in 62 schools.

Rutherford Janitorial in Richmond, Virginia, has been a valued customer of Monarch Brands since 2009. They recently presented two innovative microfiber products to the environmental services team from Chesterfield Public Schools — SmartRags® Microfiber Cloths and SmartPads® Microfiber Mop Pads. Both cloths and pads are reusable or disposable depending on their usage, and both products are packaged in innovative dispenser boxes.

Why switch to Microfiber Cloths? Here’s what made this team make the switch to SmartRags® and SmartPads®.


Microfiber Cloth Dispenser Box


Microfiber Mop Pads Dispenser Box

Why Chesterfield School’s Team made the Switch to Microfiber:

  • Microfiber’s Innovative Construction. Microfiber is made by “splicing” fine synthetic yarn producing microscopic “hooks” which grab dust and dirt particles and hold onto it until cleaning (or trashing). Another extraordinary feature of microfiber is that it contains a positive electrical charge, while dust and dirt carry a negative charge — and science tells us that opposites attract!
  • Innovative Box Design. Each box features a pop-up dispenser designed to deliver one cloth or pad at a time, while the box shape makes them compact and easy to store in closets, drawers, and cleaning carts.
  • Reusable OR Disposable. Both cloths and mop pads are reusable or disposable, depending on their usage. Dusting or light-safe zone cleaning in kitchens, office spaces, or lobbies permits the safe reuse of cloths and pads after washing. On the other hand, wet mopping in bathrooms or hospital rooms, dubbed “danger zones” in janitorial lingo, necessitates the safe disposal of soiled cloths and mop pads to avoid contaminating other areas.
  • Multiple Colors for Easy ID. To avoid cross-contamination, cleaning teams can implement a color-coded cleaning system where specific colors are used only for safe zones. In contrast, other colors are used only for danger zones. SmartRags® are available in seven colors, and SmartPads® come in the two most popular colors for janitorial cleaning, blue and green.

SmartRags® Features

Each SmartRags® dispenser box contains 50-count 12″ x12″ microfiber cloths with precision-cut seamless edges. Smaller and more compact than regular microfiber cloths, SmartRags® are ideal for utility carts, corporate supply rooms, automotive shops, and break rooms. SmartRags® are less expensive than traditional microfiber cloths, so they are ideally used in high-loss environments. Bright color packaging makes it easy for cleaning crews to identify proper cloths for the project.

SmartPads® Features

SmartPads® pop-up mop pads are woven microfiber polyester and available in two popular janitorial colors; blue and green. The innovative box design dispenses one pad while priming the next mop pad for use: our SmartPads® fit 18″ commercial mop frames and most home mops. The dispenser box contains 30 all-purpose mop pads that are effective for wet and dry mopping on all hard floors. Bright color packaging makes it simple for cleaning crews to identify proper mop pads for the job quickly.

A Refreshing Change

All 62 Chesterfield Schools, 39 elementary, 12 middle Schools, and 11 high schools are implementing a color-coded cleaning program to prevent cross-contamination using three colors of SmartRags® and SmartPads® in two colors. If your customer is thinking of making a switch to microfiber, Monarch Brands can work with you to show them why SmartRags® and SmartPads® are an excellent start.

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