Stock up on Holiday Janitorial Supplies and Wholesale Linens Now for a Profitable Season

The holiday season is just around the corner, and for those in the foodservice industry or commercial laundry, it’s time to prepare for the busiest and most profitable time of the year. As distributors or laundries, you play a crucial role in helping your customers make the most of this season. One way to do that is by providing them with the right textiles, wholesale linens, and janitorial supplies to ensure a safe, and profitable holiday season. Let’s discuss how your foodservice customers can gear up for the holidays with these essential supplies.

First Impressions Matter: High-Quality Textiles

The holiday season brings an influx of customers looking for memorable dining experiences. To make a lasting impression, your foodservice customers should invest in high-quality textiles from our wholesale linen lines. This includes:

Table Linens

Ensure that tables are dressed to impress with clean and crisp tablecloths and napkins. In our Mariposa Table Linens Collection we blend spun poly with spun poly filament for a more economical mid-range material that mitigates color fading. They’re available in both square and rectangular sizes for two-tops to ten-tops. Our fabric is not only aesthetically pleasing but also wrinkle-resistant.

Banquet hall with table settings and centerpieces for wedding reception

Spun Poly Napkins

Our route-ready Spun Poly Solid Color Napkins are truck-to-table ready and made by the same process as our table linens for consistency. We eliminate the need to pre-wash and sort.

Premium quality yarn-dyed spun poly Bistro Napkins are designed with a colorful series of center stripes (in a variety of stripe color choices) and offer a slightly more casual appearance for cafes, restaurants, and bars. Bistro napkins are generously sized at 18” x 22” with hemmed edges.

Bistro Napkins green stripe lifestyle image


Chefs and kitchen staff need to look professional and clean. Provide them with aprons and that are not only professional in appearance, but also protect their clothing and bodies from spills and stains. Made from the same spun poly fabric as our napery, our aprons are resilient, easy to care for, and match our other spun poly colors. We’ve also got aprons and wholesale janitorial supplies for the cleaning staff.

While creating a welcoming ambiance with textiles is crucial, ensuring a safe dining environment is paramount.

The holiday season often means more guests and increased foot traffic, making cleanliness and sanitation more critical than ever. Here’s how your foodservice customers can prioritize safety:

Cotton Bar Towels

For establishments with or without a bar, having clean and absorbent 100% cotton towels and bar mops is essential to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Bar mops are inexpensive, absorbent, 100% cotton terry towels that were traditionally used for cleaning up spills. Even if you don’t have personal experience working in a restaurant, you’ve seen servers and bar staff using these iconic striped towels for everything from cleaning up spills to grabbing a hot dish. This is a must-have product for foodservice businesses of any size – large hotels, family restaurants, bistros, and fast food places all need to “mop” surfaces regularly.

Bartender using Monarch Brands Bar Mops to clean counter

Floor Cleaning Supplies

Ensure that your customers have the necessary janitorial supplies for floor cleaning, such as mop buckets, brooms, and wipers/towels to maintain a clean and tidy establishment. We carry an extensive line of mops, mop pads, microfiber cloths, and dusting supplies.

Restaurants and commercial laundries rely on each other to thrive in two highly competitive industries. Supply commercial laundries fast and efficiently and gain lifelong customers.

Mop Comp

Commercial laundries rely on Monarch Brands’ deep stock positions to service their foodservice customers’ fast-recurring linen needs. We have built obsessive supply chain analysis into our core business strategy, so it is not surprising that many of our current customers found us when their suppliers ran short on wholesale linens for their top customers. Commercial laundries also present a unique opportunity for cleaning supply sales. Direct-to-customer cleaning products boost sales and create one-stop shops for their customers.

Profitability through Efficiency

Efficiency is the key to maximizing profits during the holiday season. By providing your foodservice customers with the right textiles and cleaning products, you help them streamline their operations:

Bulk Ordering

Encourage your customers to plan ahead and order textiles and cleaning supplies in bulk to save on costs and ensure they don’t run out during peak times.

Monarch Brands bales or cartons

Remember, first impressions matter, and a clean and welcoming environment can turn first-time visitors into loyal patrons. Contact an Account Rep early to discuss your holiday supply order. [email protected]


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