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Airbnb & VRBO Vacation Rental Textiles Guide

One of the most significant factors often overlooked by Airbnb or VRBO hosts is the impact that towels and sheets can have on your guests’ overall experience. With the increasing competition in recent years, this simple observation can make the difference between getting an excellent 5-star rating or a sub-par rating because your guests remember a scratchy towel or stained bed sheet.

Monarch Brands is a one-stop shop for your vacation rental textiles needs, including wholesale towels and sheets. New rental property owners often ask the following questions. Take a look.

How many towels do I need for my property?

The number varies by property, but when shopping for vacation rental textiles we recommend having two sets of towels on hand for each possible guest, including a bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth. Remember that you will want to have a circulating inventory to ensure that your cleaning company has enough towels to turn over the unit and doesn’t have to wait to wash the same set of towels every time. You will also need additional inventory for unforeseen emergencies.

Towels folded and stacked placed on bed

What towels do I need to provide?

You should provide your guests with Wash Cloths, Hand Towels, Bath Towels, and Bath Mats.  You can find Monarch Brands two most popular institutional white towel lines here: our good-quality Admiral collection and our best-quality Magellan collection.  Plush Magellan towels are one of the highest-quality white towel lines on the market.

If you really want to pamper your guests, consider the Aston & Arden Aegean Ombre-Stripe Collection from Arkwright Home, our retail division. These towels are sure to get you that coveted 5-star review.

Additionally, having black makeup removal towels on hand is a nice touch that your guest will enjoy and help from getting those tough makeup stains on your bright white towels.

If your property has swimming and water activities, consider providing your guests with pool and cabana towels. Your guests don’t want to use their bath towels for the pool and then wait for a new set when they need them. We recommend two pool towels per guest. Luxury beachfront property experiences should include high-end cabana towels also. Provide a set of colorful Resort Towels, and guarantee that your guests enjoy the beach and get some great selfies during their visit. Don’t be surprised if you see your property tagged on Instagram. That’s good publicity!

And don’t forget to provide extra kitchen towels and cleaning supplies. Our line of color-coordinated windowpane ensemble of kitchen towels, dish towels, and pot holders is a great option. Add some barmops or handy pop-up microfiber SmartRags for general wiping up. Stock your rental with professional kitchen textiles for your guests’ convenience.

Monarch Pool Towels by poolside
stack of bar mops on counter
SmartRags in closet

How about sheets? Do I provide white or colored sheets?

Most hotel chains use white sheets because they look great and accept bleach to remove stubborn stains. We have two excellent economy sheet lines that wholesale vacation supplies buyers will appreciate. Our T200 white sheets balance quality and price points and will work for most vacation rental properties.

We also have a new line of white microfiber sheets by Host & Home for high-turnover situations. These microfiber sheets offer time and cost savings benefits such as reduced labor time and energy for laundry staff with quick-drying and wrinkle-free sheets. Strong synthetic fibers resist stains and are more durable, thus increasing the sheet’s lifespan and reducing replacement costs. In other words: cost savings.

However, if you have an upscale property charging top dollar, you’ll want to really “Wow” your guests. Consider Aston & Arden Lustrous T600 Sateen Sheets. These sheets are as comfortable as they are beautiful. Our sister company, Arkwright Home, is the exclusive supplier of T600 Sateen sheets.

When it comes to buying vacation rental sheets, we recommend having three sets per bed — one on the bed, one in the laundry phase, and one backup set. This will prevent disruptions when turning over your unit.

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How often do I need to replace my towels and sheets?

How often you replace textiles will, of course, vary based on the occupancy rate of the property and periodic audits of inventory, but a good rule of thumb is as follows:

  • Sheets and pillowcases: Replace every 6-12 months or as needed. No guest expects to sleep on stained or torn sheets, so be sure to replace damaged items immediately.
  • Towels: Bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths will likely need to be replaced every 3-6 months to maintain softness.
  • Damaged or stained sheets or towels: Replace them immediately or risk a bad review!

Airbnb and VRBO guests expect a clean, neat space that is a comfortable place to relax, with great amenities. Shabby vacation rental textiles will stand out like a sore thumb! Be thoughtful when you buy bulk sheets and towels. Choose the best wholesale textiles with a high value and long lifespan so you can save money. Discuss all your rental supply choices with your rep at Monarch Brands, and strive for those 5-star reviews.

For more information about our bedding lines, contact Alan Cohen.

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