Why Airbnb & VRBO Operators Need Bulk Towels and Linens

Buying bulk towels and linens is a smart move for private rental managers

Why do Airbnb and VRBO Operators need bulk towels and linens? These well-known disruptors have significantly impacted the hospitality industry since the late nineties — the way we travel, how we plan our trips, and what we expect when we arrive at our destination. The visionaries in this faction of the hospitality industry are always on the lookout for solutions that will enable their operators to do better business. Buying bulk towels and linens solves a slew of problems for property managers while providing travelers a hotel-worthy experience.

Travelers expect certain things from a well-established hotel chain, like plenty of clean white towels and sheets. If you’ve been to a popular hotel chain more than once, then you know they are practically interchangeable. You won’t be surprised by anything you find at another location, including bulk towels and linens.

The ability to list vacation homes and rooms on websites gave independent owners an advantage. Suddenly they could market to renters who could look at the pictures and get a general idea of what it would be like to stay there. It was convenient, but there was no real way to verify what was waiting for you upon arrival.

Truth in advertising • Imperative for the hospitality industry

Pictures, of course, only show the best side of things, usually taken when rooms are at their cleanest. Travelers would expect the best, yet sometimes find a vastly different situation from the beautiful photos on the website.

Airbnb and VRBO quickly evolved. It’s not enough anymore to just put a room or a house up for rent on a website. Now, operators must provide an experience on-par with hotels or risk getting negative comments and reviews that will quickly limit their future viability.

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Private vacation rentals have grown up

To that end, operators have begun to think about running their rentals as the larger hotels do — with everything in place to make it professional, clean, unique, and memorable, in addition to profitable.

So, let’s look at how Airbnb and VRBO operators can improve their offerings (and their bottom lines) by purchasing wholesale bulk towels and linens, and janitorial supplies in bulk.

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Bulk towels and linens = Economies of scale

While it may not be worth it for a sole operator of a single home to buy sheets in bulk, vacation rental management groups require a reliable source for high-quality towels, linens, and other janitorial supplies. If your clients manage several properties, this kind of purchasing power can make the entire endeavor more profitable.

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Clean more effectively to save time

Microfiber cleaning essentials are an effective way to ensure thorough cleaning of the property. Cloths, mops, and dusters are all available at wholesale prices, so your customers can buy all the packages they need to have the necessary supplies on hand.

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Use specific towels only for specific jobs to create healthier environments

Color-coded microfiber systems can make the home healthier, as well as cleaner. Operators can assign different colors of microfiber to different jobs. For example, blue for dusting, red for restrooms, green for glass and mirrors, etc. This system helps prevent cross-contamination and ensures that germs or bacteria are contained in one place.

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Build inventory with bulk towels and linens

Proprietors should never run out of guest-ready towels. Operators may hire other companies to manage their properties, but they should always have enough towels and linens on hand to cover any unexpected situation. Buying guest towels and linens packaged in cartons can be a very economical choice and help build up the necessary supply levels.

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Hotel sheets provide plenty of comfort

Owners and operators of vacation home rentals don’t need to spend all kinds of money on retail sheets when hotel sheets provide the comfort most guests will expect. These sheet collections also have size-specific, color-coded hems for easy identification during bed-making and sorting for the laundry. Most hotels use T200 sheets, and that’s what most travelers are familiar with.

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Cotton kitchen towels mean less waste

While guests will likely expect to have plenty of paper towels on hand, rental property owners can offset the monetary and environmental cost by providing a wide range of cotton kitchen towels. You must make sure you have plenty on hand and display them where they are readily visible. This way, guests can mop up spills, wipe up crumbs, and more with a reliable set of reusable towels.


Options make the rental more appealing

Guests who stay at an Airbnb or VRBO could have a wide range of plans. Maybe they’ll want to head down to the nearby beach or spend some time in the pool. Make it easier on them with a stock of cabana towels. Maybe they’re planning on a nice dinner with family and friends. Have some quality poly spun napkins in the kitchen. There are a lot of great options for owners with a bit of imagination.

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Buying wholesale towels and linens in bulk isn’t just for the major hotel chains. The way we travel has changed, and websites like Airbnb have been at the forefront of this evolution. Everyone in the hospitality industry is stepping up their game, which means that if rental property owners want to stay in the game, they will need to play like the more established businesses do.

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